[K12OSN] Watching the User's web traffic...

Jamie McParland mcparlandj at newberg.k12.or.us
Wed May 19 18:44:05 UTC 2004

I found the posting by eric

I followed the link to download the rpm with the changes but the only thing
there was a dansguardian rpm.

I applied the acl to my squidGuard.conf but it didn't do much.
Anyone know where I can get the rpm with the patches?


On 5/18/04 12:47 PM, "Matthew Ross" <mross at esd165.org> wrote:

> Jamie McParland wrote:
>> Hmm.. I need that functionality for our district wide squid/squidguard
>> server. Not an LTSP lab. Was it some sort of ACL in the squidguard conf?
>> jamie 
> Yes, I needed that for my district-wide squid server as well. Happily,
> it works fine for me once you apply the patches.
> I run a Debian squidbox, so I had to apply Eric's patch manualy then
> make my own .deb file. Took some hair pulling, but it's happy now.
> Basicaly, it is SquidGuard looking at the URL like normal, and if it
> matches your conditions, it redirects. What's special about his patch is
> that the redirection can be dynamic, thus you can just take the current
> requested URL and put "&safemode=active" at the end of it... forcing
> google to be in safemode.
> Look in the archives of the list for where he put his patch... I can't
> remeber off the top of my head. If you're running Debian, I might still
> have the .deb... Sm:)e.
> --Matt
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