[K12OSN] Linux user database question

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed May 19 19:21:47 UTC 2004

> Where have you heard about speed lags? 

To tell you the truth I have no specific source of information regarding
that.  It is just something that is stuck in my head from things I could
have swore I have read in the past.  I may be absolutely wrong, however
I do know by experience that a while back when I ran a MDaemon server
with LDAP as the user database instead of a local flat file the speed
decreased significantly and this was only with around 500 users.  I went
from instantaneous logins to 15 second logins, but I may have hosed the
setup or Mdaemon's implementation of LDAP may have been insufficient.
Definitely check into a more reliable source than myself.  Also I am
hard to please, what I might not think acceptable may seem perfect to

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