[K12OSN] Think to use open source????

Josiah Ritchie jritchie at bible.edu
Thu May 20 12:10:40 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 04:09, Daniel Hedblom wrote:
> Hi Huck!
> While i agree that to much complexity is bad its also something i have
> come to like when i amdin linux. The lack of a layer between the user and
> the system makes it transparent if you only leearn how it works. As an
> admin its a wonderful fealing to know you can repair something instead of
> just reinstall it and hope for the best as in many other systems. I also
> saves considerable amounts of time. The ability to tweak things is also
> something good. What you ask for, an easy system for someone who dont want
> to see the inners of a system exists. There are linux dists that is very
> easy to use like Xandros or Lindows etc.
> As for a server OS we have seen that an OS that is easy on the surface can
> be hard as hell to manage in reality. Especially if you take one little
> step off the guided path.
> In fact Microsoft has been taking some notes about why linux is so nice in
> a big network and is implementing a couple of things that is cloned from
> *nix. The CLI is one example. Why should we move away from things
> Microsoft has aknowledged as an advantage over Windows?

I'd just like to second everything said in the email above. During a
little XP training the instructor kept sending me back to CLI and I kep
finding more things that had changed to be like Linux since w98. I made
sure to point them out to the instructor since I was one of 2 people.

Once you really learn a system, you can't beat the feeling of popping
into a config file, changing a line and seeing it magically all work,
very satisfying and on top of that, if a user is watching they are very
impressed. (Bump up your departments PR) :-)


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