[K12OSN] forms and data collection

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Thu May 20 16:54:32 UTC 2004

Where will the form output go?

PHP/Mysl is what I use for most of my forms. But if you simply want a 
form where the data is emailed, you can use formmail.php.

David Tisdell wrote:

>Hi all,
>I run our district web server (on Linux with Apache of
>course) and I am getting more and more pressure to
>install FrontPage extensions on the web server. I am
>reluctant to do this for security reasons as well as
>the fact that the advanced features of FP only work in
>M$ Windows and IE.The school that is my main
>responsibility is the only multiplatform client
>enviroment (k12ltsp, Macs, and Windows). All other
>schools are Windows only.
>The main pressure for FP extensions is the need for
>forms via the web.
>What do people use for this? I need tools that are
>multiplatform, and easy to use. I have thought about
>PHP and MySql but am not far enough in my learning to
>know if it can be made friendlt for the average user.
>What are your suggestions? Thanks
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