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Joe Guenther jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca
Thu May 20 20:15:17 UTC 2004

Well the latest development from my testing...

I can run Inspiration 7.5 under the current release of wine.  It runs very
well. I have not tried printing yet. or done very extensive files.  I had
tried Inspiration 6.0b yesterday. It would install, run once, but not a
second time.  So I dumped the .wine directory and reinstalled 7.5.  viola!
it worked.

SO maybe this is the way to go.
I would still like to see if I can get it installed in a common directory
and run if from there for all users - simultaneously of course.


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>Try using a chroot for it. If it is in a chroot jail, then the locking
>file it is creating in (/var/lock ? ) will be in the chroot jail. As long
>as it can find all it's libraries in the chroot jail, then the world is a
>happy place. With some caveats...
>Angus Carr

Ummmm...how do I do that?

David N. Trask
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