OT?? Re: [K12OSN] Loosing access to master password

Josiah Ritchie jritchie at bible.edu
Fri May 21 12:24:44 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 21:38, Les Bell wrote:
> Yes it can, if the BIOS boot sequence is not changeable (i.e. BIOS password
> protected) or, better still, the CD-ROM drive and floppy are removed.
> Of course, give me physical access and I can get past most things - but if
> the chassis is locked, I'm pretty much stopped in my tracks as I can't get
> access to the mobo battery to reset the BIOS password.

Well, if you can get your hands on the harddrive or the box all bets are
off unless you encrypt your filesystem which from what I've read isn't
that hard, but you better not forget your password. :-) Grub supports
the booting of these filesystems, but you need to enter a password at
boot time. I've also heard that the decryption of the filesystem at
runtime is evidently not to bad of a degredation on response,


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