[K12OSN] K12LTSP update problem

David Beach mail at beachmail.ca
Sat May 22 21:28:04 UTC 2004

As a complete newbie to Linux and networking, I installed K12LTSP and (with
some help from the list) got it running between two boxes. When I did my
first update with the updater in Fedora, my checkbox option for choosing to
update K12LTSP vanished! (I am sure there WAS a checkbox for K12LTSP -
correct me if I am wrong.) I can update Fedora, but not K12LTSP. So, at this
point, I am still running K12 LTSP 4.0.

I have noodled around a bit but haven't found the right place to 'turn on'
the K12LTSP updating feature again.

How can I turn on the updater for K12LTSP as well as Fedora? Will it update
K12LTSP to the current version?

Thanks again, guys.

David Beach

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