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For what's it worht we've tried all the suggested alternatives and; - 
please read inline

Best of luck

pnakashi at k12.hi.us wrote:

>Hi all,
>Our district has recently standardized all administrative web app development to IE. This has put a crimp into our fledgling K12LTSP project (3 elementary schools, 90 clients). We've been tossing around the following options:
>1. Dual bootable clients so when IE is required, the client can boot Win 98.
Ackward because by the time the machine boots in Win98 the class is 
probably over, ;-) . and having kids reboot will only "encourage" them 
to do it at will thus disrupting the class.

>2. Wine on the server.
Wine works so-so with IE5 however with the newer version and website 
made for IE !!! (why anyone would do that is still beyond comprehension 
!!!) you will get a number of compatibility errors

>3. Windows terminal server.
Win2K or Win 2003 may work better. We've settled on this approach using 
the rdesktop cmd and map the Windows student directory to a SMB mount on 
the linux server.
Win 2003 works better with remte clients but is very expensive
Win2K is not as efficient however it is much less expensive. BUT you 
need a very powerful server for Windows

Check with  Microsoft for their Educational licensing policy for schools 
you'll find that the Server & client licenses are not that bad. Further 
yuo'll offer a well intergrated solution.

>4. Crossover Office on the server.
Same as Wine

>5. Other suggestions welcome.
>We are in a budget crisis, so I'm thinking #3 and #4 would be too expensive. Our clients aren't very powerful, so I'm thinking #1 is not the greatest solution either. That leaves #2. Is anyone doing this with K12LTSP?
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