[K12OSN] IE requirement

pnakashi at k12.hi.us pnakashi at k12.hi.us
Sun May 23 20:30:39 UTC 2004

> On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 13:00, pnakashi at k12.hi.us wrote:
> > 1. Dual bootable clients so when IE is required, the client can 
> >    boot Win 98.
> > 2. Wine on the server.
> > 3. Windows terminal server.
> > 4. Crossover Office on the server.
> > 5. Other suggestions welcome.
> > --Peter

> Konqueror as part of KDE desktop comes with option to set "emulations"
> under "tools > change browser identification" menu. This allows 
> you to set OS as well as browser emulation. Will this be of any help?
> -- 
> Sudev Barar

We use Gnome. One other issue is how "good" emulation is vs. using the real thing? I don't have the technical experience to know. I'd like to find out if anyone has had success using IE with Wine from a K12LSTP server.

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