[K12OSN] Management--in regards to IE requirement

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon May 24 02:21:53 UTC 2004

Caleb Wagnon wrote:

>Les Bell said:
>>But to be honest, the tools available for a network roll-out of IE (the
>>IEAK), plus the way it works with roaming profiles, are way ahead of
>Netscape >et al. That really frosts me, but it's the way it is. . .
>Management is the big kicker with a lot of opensource goodies. We're moving to
>Novell nterprise services for linux...since edirectory and all the management
>tools are uber cool. For things like mozilla to become more successful...they
>really need to work better with microsoft setups...since that still is the
>primary OS in most cases. I mean mozilla is great for my workstation...but try
>managing profiles, keeping it updated, and just rolling it out to 1,000
>windows clients.

Not a problem.  My district is a "Microsoft shop" and does this now with 
Netscape 7 and thousands of Windows clients.  It's called Symantec 
Ghost.  We make the "perfect" workstation, give the individual site 
admins the CDs of said Ghost image, and they blow it to a bunch of 
clients at their schools/sites.  So far, Netscape 7 has worked just 
dandily in this scenario, and I don't see why either "classic" Mozilla 
or Firefox wouldn't.


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