[K12OSN] IE requirement

troy banther troybanther at plateautel.net
Mon May 24 12:03:01 UTC 2004

Why Netscape? Use Firefox. My wife has been using it for a month now on
one of her laptops. It has yet to fail or error out. As long as she can
do what she wants it to do - e-mail, surf, research (she is almost
finished with her master's) and play literatti - she is happy.

Oh well. Just my half pence on that one.


> What I did was create a generic netscape user on a
> machine with a netscape username of "Netscape" and
> then copied that directory to each user's home
> directory. Then at each Windows workstation I'd
> install Netscape and setup the user "Netscape" to use
> the profile in drive "U:\Netscape" where U: was the
> users mapped home drive. This setup worked just fine
> and I had user roaming profiles for Netscape. I assume
> that Mozilla will work the same way. I did this with a
> Netware server. I assume it would work with a Samba
> server too.
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