[K12OSN] Re: Wins

Joe Faletra jfaletra at sau16.org
Tue May 25 12:17:53 UTC 2004

Ok here's the answer:

David was right BUT  the account has to already exist in the user
accounts list.  (Dave probably already knew this and assumed I did too!)


smbpasswd -a root	Then add password and done.  XP will now connect to
the domain.

New problem!!!!  -  Windows cannot locate the profile (STINKIN M$) 
Ahhhh  another day down the toilet thanks to Bill!!!

"David Trask" <dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us> writes:
>"Joe Faletra" <jfaletra at sau16.org> writes:
>>I got it working anywhoosie.  Just can't sutheticate to add a machine
>>to the domain.  Very stange.  I tried to change the root smb password
>>and it failed.  Says there isn't a user called root.  So I try to add
>>user root and it says it exists.
>Try this
>smbpasswd -a Administrator
>We may need to create a user with the uid of 0....the above command
>may do
>David N. Trask
>Technology Teacher/Coordinator
>Vassalboro Community School
>dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us

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