[K12OSN] Web based file sharing

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Tue May 25 15:55:30 UTC 2004

On 20 May 2004, John Baillie wrote:
> A couple of teachers have asked if there was a way for students to
> transfer files to and from home. I took a look at sourceforge and found
> bytehoard http://bytehoard.sourceforge.net/
> Does anyone here have experience with this or have suggestions for other
> packages provide this functionality?
> If we do this it will most likely sit on a web server dedicated to this
> task.

We use http://www.webftp.org/. All you have to do is turn on FTP access on 
your file servers and you are set. For added security you could tell the 
ftp server on the file servers to only accept connections from the 
webserver running webftp.

BTW, using an entire server for this would probably be overkill. :-)

Ryan Collins

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