[K12OSN] IE requirement

Les Bell lesbell at lesbell.com.au
Tue May 25 21:49:36 UTC 2004

"David D. Nelson" <nelsda at yahoo.com> wrote:

Then at each Windows workstation I'd
install Netscape and setup the user "Netscape" to use
the profile in drive "U:\Netscape" where U: was the
users mapped home drive.

Yep; I've tested that with my office setup here, and it worked just fine.

"Julius Szelagiewicz" <julius at turtle.com> wrote:

Mozilla stores the profile under "Documents and Settings".

I think when I tried it, it didn't, but it may have changed by now. There
was definitely a statement on mozilla.org that said it didn't support
roaming profiles.

what i did as
an experiment was to samba mount my user directory residing on the ltsp
server under the "Documents ...". this works well when the link is fast.
for slow links i use a different profile. there is also a possibility of
running rsync between the machines to synch the profiles. this is a pain,
but actually achieves a true roaming goal.

One thing we haven't set up on the school network yet is to redirect "My
Documents" to the Samba server home directory. Perhaps this is part of the

"Terrell Prude', Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> wrote:

Ghost is your friend here.

Unfortunately, no Ghost at this school - lots of different systems, from
various suppliers, ranging from PII's with 32 MB of RAM running NT, to Dell
Dimension 2350's with 256 MB and XP Pro. Managing that network is like
herding cats. . .

Why does this work?  It's because you're telling Mozilla to always use
this locally-stored Mozilla profile, regardless of the user who logs
into the machine.

With this setup, do people's bookmarks roam with them, though? That was the
goal for our setup.

Barry Solof <barry at yellowdog.com> wrote:

I'll confirm that this trick works for Firefox 0.8.

Now you're talking! I'm impressed by Firefox, and I think I might set up a
test setup here with roaming profiles and a mix of Linux and Windows
clients, before proposing it to the school.

Thanks for all the comments, guys. I don't really remember what problems we
had with Netscape 7.1, although I only ran into the problem the day before
the start of term and while sorting out lots of other problems following
the switch from a primitive NT server to a pretty full-on Samba DC setup.
One issue might have been the problem of deploying the setup to 260 users
by next day.

Thanks to this discussion, I've got a good opportunity to revisit this
problem now and come up with a better solution that dispenses with IE (and
will also work in with a K12LTSP deployment, too).


--- Les Bell, RHCE, CISSP

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