[K12OSN] NFS Client for Windows

Julius Szelagiewicz julius at turtle.com
Wed May 26 18:07:06 UTC 2004

> How would I go about telling my Windows box how to find a Samba mount
> over the internet from my linux server.  I would definitely be more
> interested in this, I just didn't think it was possible.
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>> On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 11:42, Jim Kronebusch wrote:
>> > As far as I know Samba will only work on the local LAN not over the
>> > internet.  I need off-site access to these types of files.  I know
>> > that AFP offers AFP over TCP but that doesn't help me with Windows.
>> Samba works over TCP and thus over the internet if you let it
>> through your firewalls.  There are some quirks with netbios
>> name resolution that you can fix with a WINS server or by
>> putting the server name in DNS (that the client can see).
 you need to set up VPN, make sure that routing is going correctly and
then just map the drives by address or by name entered in lmhosts or by
wins. In all this the VPN is crucial - access to files from the 'net is
not as much insane as it is suicidal.  Since you obviously run K12, just
apt-get cipe and use that for an aeasy to set VPN. julius

p.s. HP-UX has NFS 3.0 that actually runs over TCP, not UDP. it is not any
more robust or secure for it.

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