[K12OSN] Re: Making donations work better

David Trask dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Thu May 27 12:34:13 UTC 2004

Very cool idea...I'm with you

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>Jonathan, what I had in mind was Stephen's idea, from a previous post:
>No, what we really need is a diagnostics CD (ala KNOPIX) that will boot 
>terminal as a semi-fat client, connect to the LTSP server, output all 
>of the
>correct config options for that terminal's lts.conf entry (maybe even 
>add the entry in lts.conf?) a link to the proper rom-o-matic image and 
>a nice script to create a boot floppy/HD boot image from the ROM image.
>When using donated hardware it's not practical to get netboot chips for 
>all the different network cards.  So the easiest thing to do is just to 
>make boot floppies, which have to correspond to specific network cards. 
>  Then you have to make some corresponding edits to files on the server.

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