[K12OSN] Server Clone

Michael Williams mwilliams at haywood.k12.nc.us
Fri May 28 14:05:03 UTC 2004

> I would normally use Ghost (www.symantec.com) for that. Lately, I've
> discovered that Dolly will do the trick for free.
> Find Dolly at
> http://www.cs.inf.ethz.ch/CoPs/patagonia/dolly/dolly.0.57/dolly.html
> cheers
> Samps

We have used udpCast http://udpcast.linux.lu/?power-to-the-parliament
I know it will clone the ext3 partitions as we just did it. We have used
udpcast to clone 300 machines in the last two weeks. Works like a champ.
40Gb per hr on 100 mb network


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