[K12OSN] Linux Router

Joe O'Brien jobrien at meridian.wednet.edu
Fri May 28 14:23:45 UTC 2004

I've been running a Linux box with 4 ethernet cards in it as my primary
router/firewall and have been pleased with its performance/stability.  Most
of the school's network is run on 10Mbit Hubs, so my next thought was to
replace the 4 ethernet cards with (4) 4port ethernet cards and run it as a
16 port 10/100 switch/router/firewall, and if successful, replace some of
those Hubs with a 16 port linux box. We cannot afford to buy enough layer2
or layer3 switches to make a significant dent in replacing our 10Mbit hubs,
but for the price of (1) layer3 switch, I could move almost the entire
network over 10/100....if this would actually work.  Does anyone have any
opinions or suggestions?  

--joe o'brien
--Meridian School District

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