[K12OSN] Directors and Numbers

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been following this thread all day...taking notes..building a repretoire
of facts(for my own ammunition)
and sorry mate, but ya lost me with your reply =)


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For directors of programs it's all about numbers and productivity.

Here is my situation. I am an institutional employee "on-loan" to a
state-funded grant program house by a local community college in my
area. The college supplies the equipment, space, electricity, and me.

For the last four years, I have pulled a proverbial rabbit out of my
"ear" being that I work with "zero" budget of my own. Yet. Required to
come up with solutions none-the-less.

Without being asked, due to constant complaining about locating the
computer someone tested on 11 months earlier, I found a way to connect
individual PCs running a single version of the same software for ABE-GED
testing. I centralized the student data and fed the programs to W2K
boxes via the Linux and SMB.

Sat down with the ABE director here and point to the fact that we now
have over 14 months, two fiscal reporting cycles (one of two months and
one of twelve), of student data captured for reporting to New Mexico
state-level agencies to whom she must report head count (state) and gain

Fedora is not only an excellent solution for clients but a server as
well. It can capture data or numbers for the directors depending on the

Hope that makes sense. I have been rebuilding W2K boxes all day and am
beyond exhausted.


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