[K12OSN] Best approach to calm the school's administration about Linux?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Sun May 30 01:34:08 UTC 2004

On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 11:57:36AM -0600, troy banther wrote:
> Security. While Linux is not absolutely immune to viruses it come
> extremely close. The design model behind it was built with security in
> mind. Security flaws, when found, are generally repaired within "hours"
> of discovery not weeks or months.

To add to this... do NOT let people argue with you that "Linux doesn't have
viruses cuz it's not as popular as Windows."  That may be one factor,
but Linux is simply DESIGNED better, as Troy was pointing out.



> Stability. As a PC support technician I dread the reboot cycle of
> Windows. Even in XP, though reduced, it still exists.

Tell me about it.  Anyone here ever hear of a little VB Script called
"WinSockFix?"  I hadn't either, until the other day when my work laptop
decided that it didn't understand _TCP/IP_ any more!

Thankfully I had my Zaurus (Linux-based) PDA handy, with its wireless
card, and I had a little CF card reader in my WinXP laptop.  An hour of
Google'ing later, and I finally found this little script.

Oddly, I had to run it AGAIN the next day!  I'm going to insist my
boss give me a fresh WinXP install, if he wishes me to continue using it.

> Licenses.

While I'm not doing school IT, I would like to add that the only
software I've actually had to _purchase_ in the last few years has
been games for my PlayStation2 / GameCube / GameBoy / Atari Lynx.

(Also bought some games for Linux and for my Zaurus PDA. ;^) )

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