[K12OSN] Do I miss something ? part2

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon May 31 22:12:56 UTC 2004

It has been suggested on this list that certain Cirrus-based cards, and 
in particular ones using the 5440 chipset, not be used due to being 
"junk". Is there any way you can swap out those Cirrus video boards for, 
say, S3 Trio64's or ATI 3D Rage Pros? If you can, then they'll be 
autodetected, and you don't need to set XSERVER manually. One one 
network, I have thin clients, not all of which have the same video 
chipset, and X11 autodetects them perfectly. The ones I personally have 
tried are as follows:

S3 Trio64 (PCI)
ATI 3D Rage Pro (both PCI and AGP)
S3 ViRGE 325 (PCI)
S3 ViRGE 375 (PCI)
ATI Radeon 7500 (AGP) Yes, I know--just slight overkill--but it does 
work. :-)

All five are on my home network, and all five are autodetected fine. 
Basically, the rule is, with few exceptions, that as long as your video 
board is PCI or AGP, and it's supported by XFree86 in the first place 
(say, as a "fat" client), then you should be good to go.


Pete wrote:

> Hi K12LTSP fans :
> I am fairly new to this stuff and was wondering about how you guys 
> handle different types of terminals.
> As far as I can see you have to make sure that a certain terminal gets 
> the same IP number each time (DHCP & mac address)
> and then you can tweak certain thing in lts.conf... no?
> In my opinion this gets ugly quite fast, is there a better way?
> Example I got 10 clients with a cirrus video card and 10 with another 
> card.
> If I set the XSERVER = cirrus
> 10 pc work fine the 10 other are blank.
> when I change the setting to auto
> The other 10 pc's do work...
> So this means 10 entries and 10 fixed DHCP leases?
> Hints appreciated
> Peter

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