[K12OSN] Shared Folders

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Mon Nov 15 20:29:19 UTC 2004

I think the default umask is set in /etc/bashrc with this code:

if [ "`id -gn`" = "`id -un`" -a `id -u` -gt 99 ]; then
         umask 002
         umask 022

This, from my RH8 box, sets the umask to 002 for most users (it says "If your 
user ID name and group name are the same and UID is greater than 99, make the 
mask 002, as you're probably just a mortal user; otherwise, set the umask to 
022), while root gets a mask of 022, which is a good thing. Just type 'umask' at 
a prompt to see what your umask is set to.  My guess is you won't have to modify it.


Shawn Powers wrote:
> Petre Scheie wrote:
>> umask indicates what rights are stripped away, so 666 would remove 
>> everyone's rights, even the owner's.  Umask is usually set to 022 or 002.
> My mistake -- I've never actually used umask, but that makes perfect sense.
>> who creates the file.  But make sure the umask is set to 002; if it's 
>> 022, other members of the group1 group won't be able to write to the 
>> files.
> This actually was my problem -- how do I set the umask for a specific 
> folder, or is it system wide?  Also, where do I set the umask so that 
> all users get 022?  Does it matter what their login shell is?  (My users 
> are all bash users I think)
> Needless to say, I'm not a umask expert. :)
> Thanks agian,
> -Shawn

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