[K12OSN] avi files on ltsp

Andrew adfour at mtaonline.net
Fri Oct 1 04:56:40 UTC 2004

I played with mplayer a bit on a 10mbit switch. 10mbit gets clogged 
pretty quickly. otherwise it shoud be possible.  Certainly mplayer can 
be launched by moziilla easuily enough --though come to think of it I 
haven't seen the plug in in a while (been using kaffeine)

Shane Stafford wrote:

>anyone have any experience using avi files on ltsp, if so what did you
>We have a web page that contains an avi file that 3rd grade teachers want
>to use for an assessment.
>Shane Stafford, MCSE, MCT
>Director Information Services Glenburn School and Town
>Educational System Integrator/Network Engineer
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