[K12OSN] Remote X Session from Windows XP Client

Luke Maslany l.maslany at jmc.ac.uk
Fri Oct 1 08:14:21 UTC 2004

Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread.

I confess that I was hoping that this would be possible through the use
of PuTTY as the .exe has already been deployed and is used to create SSH
sessions to the Linux box.  I did wonder how it would work without a
client-side server...

>Then use gdmconf to enable remote xdmcp connections to your Linux box. 

I am still a fledgling when it comes to Linux, so much so that I have no
idea how to use 'gdmconf' to enable 'xdmcp' connections, but I am
willing to learn.  Does anyone have a link where I could read up on how
to do this (and the way in which this works)?

I don't suppose anyone knows a quick way to deploy cygwin to 500ish
Windows XP computers?  :)

In addition, are there any security considerations I should be aware of
if I use cygwin on a Windows XP SP2 box with none-administrative rights?

Again, I am very grateful for your help,

Luke Maslany

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On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 08:11, Jim Kronebusch wrote:
> > You can also try putty to connect to X via ssh??
> Is that possible?  I assumed that you needed something such as cygwin 
> that is able to run a local X session and the ssh connection through 
> putty was just to transport the X Windows data from the server.  If I 
> can do such a thing via putty only please someone let me know, or I 
> suppose I could do something crazy and just try it.

Putty can do the same magic X port-forwarding as ssh.  Under
ssh/tunnels, check the box for 'enable X11 forwarding' before making the
connection, then after logging in start an X program
by typing it's name.   However you still need a local X server
running to display the forwarded window.   The cygwin version
running in -multiwindow mode is a good choice for this - it will open a
new window with more-or-less the same look and management as normal MS

  Les Mikesell
    les at futuresource.com


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