[K12OSN] Lockdown of users

Martin Woolley sysadmin at handsworth.bham.sch.uk
Fri Oct 1 08:37:24 UTC 2004

On Friday 01 Oct 2004 3:37 am, norbert wrote:
> Hi,
> If when I create new users and their default profile is taken from
> /etc/skel/ could I make custom entries in /etc/skel/ and chown all the
> files to "admin" or "root" to prevent the little monsters from modifiing
> their desktop, specifically removing icon and launch bar ?

Files in /etc/skel are owned by root; the useradd process copies them to the 
new users home dir and chown's the copied files.  While you could change the 
ownership in the user's home dir, you'll probably find that things don't 
work, as the display manager needs to update these files.

What I've done is written a cron job that resets the wallpaer, turns off the 
screen saver, etc.  We run this overnight, but it might be possible to  
change this to run at logoff, perhaps in $HOME/.bash_logout ?  

--script fragment--
find /home -name "kdesktoprc" > /tmp/$$
for f in `cat /tmp/$$` ; do
  cp -f $f /tmp/kdesktopdc.$$
  awk -f /usr/local/bin/hgsdesktop.awk /tmp/kdesktoprc.$$ >$f
rm -f /tmp/$$
rm -f /tmp/kdesktoprc.$$

--awk fragment--
   if ( $0 ~ /Wallpaper=.*/ ) {
      $0=TMP[1] "=/usr/share/backgrounds/images/default.png"
    if ( $0 ~ /WallpaperMode=.*/ ) {
      $0=TMP[1] "=Scaled"
    print $0 
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