[K12OSN] Modify Greeter screen in K12LTSP

Olivier LACHERE olachere at groupemalakoff.com
Fri Oct 1 12:21:24 UTC 2004

Thanks ! I've got it.

In fact, K12LTSP uses GNOME by default (gdmgreeter for remote display &
gdmlogin for console).

Changing /etc/sysconfig/desktop change the remote greeter for K12LTSP
connection (so using kdm_greet instead of gdmgreeter).

For those who want to modify gdmlogin configuration (disable some
functions and display) I finally find how : edit the default theme XML
file (default seems to be
/usr/share/gdm/themes/Bluecurve/Bluecurve.xml). You can add/remove
"Session", "Language", "Disconnect" access very simply.

But it only acts for gdmlogin screen.

If you want (like me) to customize your gdmgreeter (in workstation
connection to K12LTSP), you can specify using gdmlogin instead of
gdmgreeter in your /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf

XML theme file enable you to specify impact to remote or local login
(<show modes ="console,flexi,remote ..." />)

I hope everyone could understand me with my poor english.

Have a nice day !

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On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 18:10, Olivier LACHERE wrote:
> I suppose that it uses kdm, I've not changed anything since K12LTSP
> installation. It seems to be effectively kdm but how can I remove
> session otions ? modifying kdmrc doesn't work (I just try modify
> "SessionTypes" to keep only one type, but the "Session" Menu in
> always show all sessions types).

The file you have to edit is /etc/sysconfig/desktop
If you want to use gnome just the following line should be there:

If you want to use KDE the two lines:

To do any changes to log in menu under KDE go to control center and find
login menu under administration.


Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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