[K12OSN] Server Help! (a little desperate)

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Sat Oct 2 02:06:17 UTC 2004

Guy Lessard wrote:

> Shawn Powers wrote:
>> Shawn Powers wrote:
>>> Wow...
>> And again... Just froze up solid.  Man, for a Friday, today is pretty 
>> cruddy...
>> -Shawn
> Maybe checkout basic things like:
> Blow out the dirt from the CPU fan, make sure it works
> In the BIOS, you can monitor the temperature of the cpu and other 
> components
> Can you monitor the cpu voltages (datalogging)
> Yes, run memtest on your RAM
> See that all pci boards are properly seated
> Did you recently added a new or updated software/daemon?
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I agree, run memtest on the ram overnight. Also, you should be able to 
download a utility from the hard disk manufacturer to test it fully. 
Some are non destructive. Apart from ram and hd I would ask you if you 
changed any BIOS settings, especially anything to do with power saving 
features. I'm not sure how to test a NIC though.

When it freezes does video screen stay up. Cause if it does, I would run 
"top" to see the last program that ran and see if there is a pattern.

Also, if your power supply is failing things like this can happen. You 
have to rule things out 1 at a time.

Good luck Shawn.
PS if an staff tell you "I told you so". Remind them not to view any 
jpegs in IE. ; )

Robert Arkiletian

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