[K12OSN] Re: Server Help! (a little desperate)

Dave Prentice prentice at instruction.com
Sat Oct 2 02:56:21 UTC 2004

    As a former PC field engineer for IBM, I always keep in mind a
low-tech remedy that often fixes weird intermittent problems: clean
the contacts on memory and other removable chips. Power down, take out
any chips that are easy to get out, and rub a pencil eraser against
all the contact points you can. Wipe them off and reinstall. Chips
that are hard to remove (e.g. BIOS) you can still pry out a little and
then push back in. Sometimes they get a liittle oxidation on the
contacts and the movement out and back in cleans them enough to get
them working again. Give it a try -- won't cost a dime.
Dave Prentice
prentice at instruction.com
>From: Shawn Powers <spowers at inlandlakes.org>
>Subject: [K12OSN] Server Help! (a little desperate)
>For some reason, I've had 2 major "glitches" this year.
<snip>>My question?  Where do I start looking for some problems?  I've
>just about every bit of text in /var/log -- and nothing looks fishy.
>13:00, messages just stopped being written to /var/log/messages.
>were no odd entries before it stopped.
>Are there other logs I should be checking?  Perhaps after school
>I'll take the server down and run memtest...  Especially during this
>first year, I need close to 100% uptime, and I've had bad luck so
>Shawn Powers
>Technology Director
>Inland Lakes Schools

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