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I have done this.  I've taken a small form factor p3-866 with an
onboard nic, added a nic, and installed k12ltsp.  I take it all over
the place, and it will run 3 or 4 machines well.  Then I take the
universal boot disk and some network cards that I have that I know
will work, in case the local machines don't.  It's a great demo.  Call
me if you want.

Steve Hargadon

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004 18:16:57 -0400, Jay Pfaffman <pfaffman at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm a new instrutional technology professor & Free Software Zealot.
> Since I got here I've tried several times to contact folks at the
> local district to see what I could do to help out (I did have some
> pre-conceptions about what that might be. . ).  They haven't returned
> my calls or emails.  A student of mine is the building-level tech
> contact for her school.  She said that she was in a training session
> recently and she was told that a professor at UT was saying that you
> could take old computers and make them really useful, but that this
> would not be allowed at any of their schools.  I'm sure that the
> science teacher who's been very happy to have 6 computers in her
> classroom for a semester and a half would be sorry to hear this, as
> they've been working flawlessly (save one bad Ethernet cable and the
> time she changed printers but not printer drivers).
> I have a second site where I installed K12LTSP 4.0 on 3 teachers'
> existing workstations and gave them 5 machines each to use as thin
> clients (which also have hard drives with Win2K on them if they can
> get it configured).
> I'd like a third site where I give them a server and allow them to use
> their in-place PeeCees as thin clients.  The questions are, how much
> machine do I need to run 20 clients?  What can I do with dual AMD XP
> 2600+ and 120GB serial ATA and 1 GB of ram?  2GB?
> I've considered getting a small portable machine with a single
> Ethernet card to take out to schools just to do a demo with their
> in-place machines.  Would it make sense to walk in with a
> pre-configured server and the universal boot disk?  (Given that I
> could get a block of IPs, I guess).
> Does the Universal boot disk really work (it didn't the one time I
> tried to use it).
> Ideas for getting into a school and showing things off as quickly as
> possible are what I'm looking for.
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