[K12OSN] DHCP on a non-standard port

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Sat Oct 2 03:26:41 UTC 2004

Jay Pfaffman wrote:

>I'm in a university environment and would like to be able to run lab
>machines as thin clients off my server.  I know how to create a boot
>image that'll boot from a non-standard port and can figure out how to
>tell my machine to listen on one.  What I don't understand is what to
>do from there.  Do I need to create entries for the machines?  That
>doesn't make sense because I can't know what address they'll get from
>DHCP.  Does my DHCP server relay the request somehow?  Does the client
>do two DHCP lookups, first from the university server and then, using
>that IP request where to get its boot image from mine?  I don't want
>to have my DHCP server handing out bogus IPs on the university network
>(done that before--it's not fun).
I had the same problem with my school. Look here for "2 dhcp servers". I 
eventually physically seperated  the networks.


Also, If the switches are managed (university stuff is usually top 
notch) create a VLAN (virtual lan) for the ltsp network. You'll need the 
password for the switch though.

Robert Arkiletian

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