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cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Sat Oct 2 19:40:49 UTC 2004

fwiw.. my lbjavaplugin is in /usr/lib/mozilla-1.2.1  not /usr/lib/mozillla

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> A while back there was an issue with plugins and mozilla. The plugins 
> had to be complied with the same version of GCC as mozilla was IIRC. 
> For a while you saw two versions of the same plugin, one for the GCC 
> 2.x stuff and one for the 3.x stuff.
> The "nokey" error is probably because you haven't imported Dag's key. 
> RPM checks to see if the package is signed by a someone whose key you 
> have. if you type 'man rpm' you'll see a command for importing the key. 
> (can't tell you what it is ATM, as im typing this from a Powerbook!)
> >

> >> I have Sun's j2re1.4.2_04 installed and libjavaplugin_oji.so symlinked
> >> in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins (per sintructions here:
> >> http://www.redhatconfig.com/msg/69152.html), but I can't load java
> >> applets online and everytime I try to load the Intl. Scarbble Club's
> >> (http://www.isc.ro) java interface, Mozilla crashes.
> >> I met a nice lady online and we want to play Scrabble online.
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