[K12OSN] OT: kde menus and icons lost

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Sun Oct 3 13:33:07 UTC 2004

Hi gang,

My posting is OT because my problem occurred to a standalone workstation
and not part of a LTSP setup.  Anyway, you folks are generous with your
help, so here goes:

Problem - after a power blackout (I really must plug in that UPS, damn)
I rebooted and went through a ext3 file system check okay but found that
my menus were completely shot (read: almost completely absent) and so
was my little icons on the taskbar.  The desktop icons were okay but
somewhat rearranged.    

Question 1:  Could someone point me to the file(s) that control these
two parts of the window manager behaviour?

Question 2:  Could I hope to find a backup of these files created by the
system (I know I should have backed up, but haven't for quite a while)?

Question 3:  Would making these files read-only, after getting the
desktop and menus right, prevent this corruption of those files in the

System Description:  RH8 using KDE 3 

Excuse:  I know that I can be accused of not RTFM, but I don't have a
day to spare to wade through it all if someone can just steer me in the
right direction.  Pretty please.  

	Gavin Chester


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