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anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at snet.net
Mon Oct 4 22:00:10 UTC 2004

Will Hatch wrote:
> One of my students got a little carried away with customizing his desktop and deleted the "floppy access" icon.  Now, he can't use the floppy drive because we do not know how to access it any other way.  How do you restore this to the desktop? Thanks!

That would depend on which gui or window manager you are using.
You can access the floppy drive in the file browser, whether it is 
konqueror, nautilus or another, by surfing into /mnt/floppy (most likely 
label).  I'm assuming that floppies are automounting for you, if you are 
accessing them from a desktop icon.  If not, you will have to open a 
terminal and type
% mount /mnt/floppy
Before removing a floppy, you would then ahve to type:
% umount /mnt/floppy

Hope that helps.


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