[K12OSN] Printing from Acrobat

george kocke webmaster at vol.org
Tue Oct 5 14:26:07 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 18:02, John Baillie wrote:

> A student asked me how to print multiple copies of a pdf file from
> Acrobat. I did not find a way to do it from the gui. To which he
> replied, "It's easy to do on my computer"

I use a program called gtklp ( http://gtklp.sourceforge.net/ ) for
printing from Mozilla and Acrobat. 

gtklp allows the user to select the desired printer, number of copies
and pretty much any option you can think of (like duplex printing if you
have the right PPD).

I had to modify the following file to tell Acrobat to use gtklp rather
than lpr:


This is what I changed:


The only drawback to using something like gtklp is that it takes one
more step to print. The use has to select the print function in Acrobat,
Mozilla, whatever, and select it again when gtklp pops up. 

Good luck.

george kocke <webmaster at vol.org>

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