[K12OSN] Stateless Linux in the news

Steven Santos Steven at StevenSantos.com
Wed Oct 6 02:54:33 UTC 2004

> I found this article over at OSnews. Now I understand what stateless
> Linux is all about.

> http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1666122,00.asp

> I know it has to do with 'thin clients' and 'centralized management' but
> I'm not sure how it can help the LTSP community.

>From the article, I can see a lot of possible benifits to the K12LTSP
if this works.

1. Distribute OS, applications to fat clients where possible.  Room full of
   with good HW specs?  Want to take advantage of that hardware, but keep
the ease
   of management of K12LTSP?  This seems like an answer.

2. Laptops.  syncs users home on connect, same ease of management as #1.

3. Large scale deployment.  Think about it, every application server, mail
   DNS server, firewall, print server, even K12LTSP server (etc) could boot

4. Unreliable network connections.  This system seems like it should work
   the connection to the central server is slow, or down.  Boot server at
   location syncs with the central server.  All other servers boot (or sync)
   the local boot server.  The local /home server syncs with the main /home
   server when the connection is up, or overnight (etc)

We talked about some of this a year or so back.  The idea was good then, and
it is
even better now.  I look forward to seeing what comes of this.

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