[K12OSN] DHCP on a non-standard port

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Wed Oct 6 04:02:39 UTC 2004

Jay Pfaffman wrote:

>Actually, all I want is a way to boot from a CD or floppy and connect
>to my server.  I'm OK with a "chubby client" if I can boot from a CD
>and have my server's k12ltsp login come up.    If the DHCP on a
>separate port doesn't make things easier, I don't need to do it.
Okay I understand what you mean. If you boot from floppy or CD you want 
k12ltsp (thin client) if not you want school system (fat client). That's 
why you want 2 dhcp servers to be handled. Check this out


unfortunately the link to "a practical document" is broken. So look here


or google for +"REQUIRE_VCI_ETHERBOOT" +geocrawler

Hope this helps. This way the clients will only get ip's from the 
k12ltsp server. And (very important) the k12ltsp server will ONLY give 
out an IP's to the etherboot clients using the "not authoritative" 
option. Although I would make sure the ltsp server definitely does NOT 
give out IP's to the rest of the network. I tried this and had limited 

Robert Arkiletian

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