[K12OSN] apt-get question

ssanders at coin.org ssanders at coin.org
Wed Oct 6 04:11:31 UTC 2004

> > does apt-get on the k12ltsp 4.1 distro look for rpm's or .deb's?
> > or both or neither?

as several have said, apt-get is originally a debian tool, that now
works on redhat variants. whether you are getting a .deb or .rpm depends
on what source repositories you have set up to get them from (you want

i haven't used it for a long time, but Alien is a tool to convert to and
from .deb/.rpm/.tgz/.slp (Solaris). this should *definitely* not be used
to install any important system packages. you may also easily involve
yourself back in dependency hell, but for simple packages, can work
well. YMMV
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