[K12OSN] help deciphering a log file from a crash

Dan Young dan_young at parkrose.k12.or.us
Wed Oct 6 21:18:05 UTC 2004

David Trask said:
> Oct  6 08:15:36 k12ltsp kernel: Badness in __put_task_struct at
> kernel/fork.c:87
> Oct  6 08:15:36 k12ltsp kernel:  [<0211e818>]
> __put_task_struct+0x24/0xc2
> Oct  6 08:15:36 k12ltsp kernel:  [<021223cd>] release_task+0x1d5/0x1e6


I had the exact same thing happen (3 times over the course of a few
weeks) on one of our K12LTSP servers shortly after the 2.6.8 kernel was
pushed out for FC2. I rolled back to the previous kernel release
(2.6.7-<mumble, mumble>) and didn't look back.

I didn't bugzilla it at bugzilla.redhat.com; I'm a little overwhelmed w/
other projects right now. I know, BAD admin, bad!

Dan Young
Parkrose School District

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