[K12OSN] Setting up new server

Tim Kaldahl tkaldahl at maplewoodacademy.org
Thu Oct 7 13:40:06 UTC 2004

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I have a new server and when I try to install Fedora c2 it tells me that
no hard drives are detected and fails the installation. I have 2 scsi 73gb
hard drives. The controller is an adaptec dual ultra 320 scsi controller.
I have set up the drives using RAID0 and RAID1 and still the same error.
Any ideas?

Randy Swift
Network Administrator
Leavitt Area High School
Turner, Maine 04282
swift at msad52.k12.me.us

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I had this happen to me this summer on an older dell with a raid controller.
I had to use the firmware, probably similar to the scsi bios utility, to set
up a logical drive before fc2 would find any drives. Of course, before that
I had to reseat the controller because it came out of the pci slot during
shipping. I would guess that there is one more step to your setup before the
os can recognize the drive.

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