[K12OSN] Netware and K12LTSP

David Tisdell penguintiz at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 17:05:42 UTC 2004

Hi Guy,
I think things are mostly figured out. Thanks for your
help!!!! I had 2 issues left and they seem to be
resolved. It seems that it makes difference to have an
accurate home directory location listed in edirectory.
When there wasn't any home directory path listed in
NDS, the nwhome folder was not being created.
My test user was one that hadn't been used for a while
and the volume had since been migrated to a new
server. The rights to that user's home directory had
not been migrated thus no access to the Novell home
directory.(I had an empty nwhome directory) 
As far as my reference to the home directory being
created on the fly goes, I was referring to the Linux
home directory. When I logged in as the test user,
there was no Linux account for that user and the
account and Linux home directory were created on
login; I assume because of the PAM plugin. Very slick.
I had been using Novell's native file access for Unix
but so far I like ncpfs better for ease of management.
Some things in Native File Access don't work as you
would expect them to. I appreciate your HowTo and
willingness to help via email!!!!!!
David Tisdell, Computer Coordinator
Mt Mansfield Union High School
Jericho, VT 05465
Guy-Michel Lessard wrote:
>Sorry for the delay, smtp problems here.
>Hi Guy,
>I deciphered the gecos error. In the nds field "full
name" there was a
>comma between the first and last name. I removed the
comma and was 
>to login. It seems that a home directory was created
for me on the fly
>in /home but I don't see my home directory from the
novell server.
Its under /home/YourAccount/nwhome.

> In the edits that were suggested, does one of those
instruct ncpfs to 
>the Novell volume where the home directory resides? 
Defaults to nwhome, its coded in ncpfs. I suggest you
dont change it.

>Do I have to make sure there is an accurate entry in
NDS for the 
location of the home
I didn't. The only real problem i got is account
starting with a number 
instead of a alphabet.

You say that the "It seems that a home directory was
created for me on 
the fly", how do you know this? the log files is clear
if the mounting 
failed or not.

> Thanks.

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