[K12OSN] SITE panel discussion

Jay Pfaffman pfaffman at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 02:12:19 UTC 2004

I've seen talk (?) about a k12ltsp conference, but is anyone planning
to present at SITE (http://site.aace.org/conf/).  I was thinking that
a K12LTSP panel might be well-received.  I think it'd be more
interesting the more different kinds of uses we had (elementary, high
schools, public, private, Windows, Mac, multi-platform, others?)

Another angle might be ways that folks have successfully convinced
administrators, parents, teachers (and students, but I don't think
that's the hard part) to give K12LTSP a try.

If anyone's interested in participating in such a panel, send me an
email and I'll try to coordinate something.  The application deadline
is next Monday.
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