[K12OSN] two more netware/linux questions

Guy Lessard glessard at coll-outao.qc.ca
Tue Oct 12 02:18:35 UTC 2004

Is setting UID and GID necessary in eDirectory for ncpfs to work?, i
did'nt add a single ID to anyone or is this mandatory to maintain the
K12 servers and Native file access operational?

As for squid/edirectory, i dont know of any solution.

David Tisdell a écrit :

> Hi all,
> Guy Lessard has been helping me out (and doing a great
> job) but if anyone has any other insight feel free to
> chime in. I want to raise 2 separate issues:
> 1) With Guy's help, I am switching over to ncpfs. I
> had been running Novell's native file access for Unix
> but ran into an unsolvable problem and decided to
> abandon it in favor of ncpfs. We assigned all of our
> users UID numbers and a default GID in the unix tab in
> consoleone. Even though unix info is entered into
> edirectory, ncpfs doesn't seem to be picking up on it
> consistently. I had a few select people using Native
> File access for UNIX since the beginning of last
> school year. Those UIDS seem to get picked up by
> ncpfs. We added the rest of the student body this
> summer. Those newer UIDS don't seem to be seen by
> ncpfs. I downloaded and installed the ncpfs snapins
> for nwadmn32. I then viewed a couple of users that had
> Unix ids from last year and the Unix information was
> identical to whay I see in Consoleone. I then viewed a
> couple of users that we added UIDS for this summer and
> though the unix info could be seen in Consoleone, it
> didn't show up in the ncpfs snapins for nwadmn32. I
> did upgrade from Netware6 to 6.5 this summer and the
> UIDs were added after the 6.5 upgrade. I also read
> somewhere that Novell completely rewrote Native File
> Access for Unix in 6.5. This may be the root of the
> issue. I just want to make sure UIDs are consistent
> across multiple K12LTSP servers and that no one loses
> access to anything that I might have to spend time
> chasing down.
> 2) The second issue is: Has anyone turned on
> authentication in squid and had it authenticate
> against edirectory? I have tried to use LDAP for this
> but haven't been successful. There was a doc on
> Novell's cool solution web site but much of the syntax
> in it was incorrect. I haven't gotten it to work. I
> was wondering if I could use ncpfs in place of LDAP if
> no one has any insight on how to get this to work via
> LDAP. Thanks.
> Dave
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