[K12OSN] Improve loading time for OOo

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Tue Oct 12 02:15:42 UTC 2004

Jay Pfaffman wrote:
> So OOs should load faster for
> the 2nd and later users.

I'll affirm this.  In our district, once someone has started OO, it 
takes literally about 4 seconds for the next folks to start it.  The 
first user usually has to wait 20-30 seconds, but after that it's like 
lightning. :)

An rc.local script would be great if you could load some of the "big" 
programs in a virtual X session or something.  I'd love to be able to 
add 1 minute to start up time, and get the preloaded effect for the users.


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