[K12OSN] Improve loading time for OOo

Samps samps at redjocks.com
Tue Oct 12 04:09:47 UTC 2004

Shawn Powers wrote:
> Whoa...  Maybe it's my server hardware, but I have about 75-80 
> concurrent users on my server all day.  Dual 3.2Ghz Xeon, 4GB RAM, GigE, 
> /home mounted over second GigE via NFS.  Startup time is actually 6-7 
> seconds from clicking the icon to typing in a document (I just vnc'd 
> into my server to time it).

I'm using a single NIC LTSP-setup, 100mbps Ethernet, could it be 'net 
congestion' that results in OO load-up times around the 40-50 seconds?

just looking for clues...


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