[K12OSN] Improve loading time for OOo

Kjetil Knudsen kjetil at knudsen.gs
Tue Oct 12 10:45:25 UTC 2004

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>Kjetil Knudsen wrote:
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>> We had the same problem with OO. Loading times around 30-50 seconds.
>> found the problem to be the hosts file. We have multiple LTSP servers
>> and the hosts file on our servers were not identical. After modyfing
>> hosts file, OO now have a loading time around 5 seconds.
>> Kjetil
>That sounds interesting. I've had at least one other LTSP server
>through all my fruitless efforts....
>What sort of changes to the hosts file? Can you remember?
If you have three Ltsp servers. All of the servers must be listet in the
hosts file on every server. Example.. Three servers. One are named LTSP1
with ip, the next LTSP2 with ip and finally
LTSP3 with ip 192.168.253.. The hosts file for LTSP1 looks like this:
(The three last lines) LTSP1 server.ltsp server LTSP2 ws252.ltsp ws252 LTSP3 ws253.ltsp ws253
The hosts file for LTSP2 looks like this: LTSP1 ws251.ltsp ws251 LTSP2 server.ltsp ws252 LTSP3 ws253.ltsp ws253
Finally the hosts file for LTSP3: LTSP1 ws251.ltsp ws251 LTSP2 ws252.ltsp ws252 LTSP3 server.ltsp ws253
I do not know why OO uses the hosts file, but it looks like it is
getting confused if the hosts file are messed up. Anyway.. This solved
the problem with the long OO startup time at our school.


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