[K12OSN] No more web browser icon?

Calvin Park linuxsys at davisny.edu
Tue Oct 12 18:11:44 UTC 2004

Good afternoon all! I have an interesting question. One of my
technicians last night was playing around on the server (something that
won't continue happening) and managed to delete the web browser icon off
of the quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen, as well as from the
"internet" menu. Not only on his own desktop (I wouldn't care) but he
somehow deleted it from ALL desktops. Any ideas on how to get the icon
back? In the meantime I've pushed a Firefox icon to all desktops.
Nevertheless, my boss wants the web browser icons back.

Calvin Park
Assistant for Linux Systems
Computer Services Department
Davis College: A Practical college of Bible and Ministry

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email: linuxsys at davisny.edu
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