[K12OSN] RE: Java Textbook!

David H. Barr david at okgoodwill.org
Wed Oct 13 13:18:28 UTC 2004

I had good luck with Deitel & Deitel, but a) that was a long time ago,
b) I wasn't teaching it yet, I was taking it, and c) that was a long
time ago.


Around Tuesday, October 12, 2004 9:19 PM:, Burroughs, Henry <> wrote:
> Does anyone have recommendations for a good Java Textbook with the
> following requirements (hopefully not mutally exclusive): 
> Cheap for the students (I'm seeing $50-$60 range now)
> Has a teachers manual (solutions, test generator,etc)
> Good for both AP & Introduction to Java classes (hopefully book reuse
> between courses). 
> Any suggesions, or books that even come close to a couple of the
> things I mentioned would be helpfull!  Thanks so much for your help! 
> Henry

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