[K12OSN] exchange connector?

"Terrell Prudé, Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Thu Oct 14 02:59:19 UTC 2004

Oh, you don't have to install the the entire Ximian Desktop for this to 
work.  Not at all!  All you need is the Red Carpet program loader, and 
GNOME 2.0+ on your system.  The Red Carpet program loader is maybe a few 
MB--quite small.  And the reason to use Red Carpet for the Exchange 
Connector is to avoid exactly those "strange dependencies" you mention 


Burroughs, Henry wrote:

>I've been using the exchange connector for a few weeks now... has made moving some faculty members from outlook to the new server easy (and keeps me from having to run outlook via Crossover).
>I found the rpms from ximian's site to have some strange dependencies.  I personally didn't want to install the entire Ximian dist (or a chunk) to make the connector to work.  There is are some fc2 rolled connector rpms floating about, and I found one awhile back.
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>Yup, been using the Exchange Connector now for the last year and a half 
>(we're a "Microsoft shop").  That means that, back then, yup, I paid the 
>$59 or $69 for it.  It allowed me to switch to GNU/Linux, so I felt that 
>it was worth it.
>I haven't tried it on Fedora Core Anything yet, but I've used it on Red 
>Hat Linux 7.3 and K12LTSP 3.1.2 (RHL 9), both before and after it went 
>GPL.  Today, I use it with SuSE Linux 9.1.  I imagine that it would 
>operate the same way under FC1 or FC2.
>The easiest way that I've discovered to install the Exchange Connector 
>is to use the Ximian/Novell "Red Carpet" tool.  Matter of fact, it's how 
>I've done it every time, and it's the way that Ximian/Novell recommends 
>that you do the Connector install.
>Les Mikesell wrote:
>>Has anyone used the evolution exchange connector that Novell recently
>>released under the GPL?  Is there a packaged version that will drop
>>into Fedora/k12ltsp?  So far the only distribution I've seen that
>>includes it is the first beta of RHEL 4.1.
>> Les Mikesell
>>  les at futuresource.com

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