[K12OSN] sshvnc tools

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msln.net
Thu Oct 14 18:21:16 UTC 2004

One of the main selling points for the LTSP  for me is the ability for 
remote access. I have an ltsp 3.1.2 setup and running the sshvnc with 
sshtools and applet working great. I can not seem to get it to work on 
4.0.1 though.  Very odd, It works fine on the lan, but not the wan. I 
can access my lts 3.1.2 with no issues, so the firewall is not the 
problem. I can authenticate the first password and send the second, but 
that is as far as it goes. It errors out with unknown authentication rfb 
server: 33554436. I shutoff the ltsp firewall just to check. still works 
on the lan, but not outside. Any ideas? I do not know which/where the 
logs for this process would be. I tried tailing the message log, but it 
does not show any access.
Mark Gumprecht
Unity Maine

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