[K12OSN] doing the pivot_root server not responding

John A. Smith jsmith at breakthroughministries.com
Thu Oct 14 18:39:50 UTC 2004

sorry if this is a repost . . . I had re-subscribed, but didn't see this go through
I started on my first K12LTSP lab setup this week and I am having an issue with the first client. To the best of my knowledge the server is setup properly. The client is a Compaq Deskpro 4000 and I am using a Kingston NIC (KNE111TX . . . i think) with the tulip driver boot disk. The initial startup appears to be o.k. and the client is getting an IP via dhcp and starting to talk to the serv. Bbut then it hangs forever at this point in the boot process:

           doing the pivot_root
           nfs: server not responding, still trying 

Here's all the server log says about the connection:

         Oct 13 18:29:32 localhost dhcpd: DHCPREQUEST for ( from 00:c0:f0:63:55:87 via eth0
         Oct 13 18:29:32 localhost dhcpd: DHCPACK on to 00:c0:f0:63:55:87 via eth0
         Oct 13 18:29:32 localhost rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from ws253.ltsp:656 for /opt/ltsp/i386 (/opt/ltsp/i386) 

Anyone run into this before or having any pointers?

John Smith

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